Specialising in the Aged Care Sector

At Mechfield FM, we pride ourselves on being the experts in air conditioning for the aged care sector. We understand the unique challenges you face in keeping your residents happy, safe and well, and will go above and beyond to help achieve this.  We also understand that this is someone’s home and we are working in it. We appreciate that the security of your home and residents is of the utmost importance, and are always mindful of security issues such as unknown persons entering the site or doors being left open, posing a risk to residents who may have a tendency to abscond. Our in-depth understanding of the sector allows us to offer an unrivalled level of specialist service. All of our technicians and office staff receive ongoing training and education about the aged care sector and any arising issues so that we are always equipped to offer an exceptional service that meets all of your needs.

What We Do

Living in a city that can experience all four seasons in one day, it is crucial to have effective air conditioning and heating systems in place. The risks of extreme temperatures are more serious for older adults than for the general population. Particularly if the person has an existing health condition, the risks of extreme heat or cold can be serious and potentially life-threatening. Quality, well-installed and maintained heating, cooling and fresh air ventilation systems can prevent health risks, as well as promoting better breathing and sleep quality.

Mechfield FM is a leading commercial air conditioning provider committed to offering personalised service with exceptional attention to detail. Whatever your commercial Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) needs, our expert team are here to help.

Technicians you can trust

We understand that aged care facilities are your residents’ homes. We respect your residents and their right to safety, dignity and privacy. Our technicians are always well-presented and courteous, and all our staff undergo Working with Vulnerable People (WWVP) checks and First Aid training prior to commencing work.

Safety is Our Priority

As experts in air conditioning for the aged care sector, we appreciate the importance of maintaining a comfortable internal temperature for staff and residents. Even the best equipment can occasionally fail, so in these instances we can offer emergency short-term cooling or heating whilst we repair your system. We place a very high priority on urgent repairs, particularly on extreme temperature days and are committed to responding to all service calls as quickly as possible.  Our technicians receive regular toolbox talks and in-depth Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) briefings. Mechfield FM use the Cm3 Contractor Prequalification Management system, so you can rest assured that your facility’s HVAC systems are installed by capable, qualified and OHS compliant technicians. Our techs complete a thorough Job Safety Analysis (JSA) prior to commencing work, and provide detailed service reports including the results of the JSA to the client.

Preventative Maintenance

Preventing issues before they occur saves time, money and avoids disruptions to your homes operation. Australian Standards mandate regular maintenance for all HVAC equipment, including fire and smoke damper testing, full function fire tests and car park ventilation. We offer customised regular maintenance plans that are tailored to the equipment you use, the needs of your business and your budget. Our maintenance programs help keep your equipment in optimal condition, ensures you comply with Australian Standards, improves air quality and prevents potentially costly repairs that can be prevented with regular servicing.

Responsive Ongoing Service

We are dedicated to providing timely, responsive service for all ongoing maintenance and repairs. Using the best cloud-based reporting software, we provide clients with photos, a description of the issue and a quotation for further works if required within 24 hours of assessing the job. We strive to exceed client expectations, and can work to your KPIs regarding service time-frames for urgent issues or repairs. You can rest easy knowing you won’t be left without air conditioning for extended periods or risk having to cease operation of your home. We also have GPS tracking for all our service vehicles, allowing us to provide accurate time-frames for our technicians’ arrival to service calls.

We know Your Business

With our expert knowledge of the equipment used in aged care centres and commitment to excellence, your home and residents are in safe hands with Mechfield FM. Our clients in this sector include the Allity, Mayflower and Samarinda portfolios, servicing centres across Victoria. We are committed to our clients, and proud to share some of our client testimonials with you. For all of your HVAC requirements, contact our knowledgeable and friendly team, and we will tailor a solution that works for your unique needs.